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CentriTech Services:
Centrifuge Rebuilding & Remanufacturing

Trusted Centrifuge Rebuilding and Remanufacturing

CentriTech offers warrantied centrifuge repair, rebuilding, and reconditioning for most brands of centrifuges used in the oil, industrial, agricultural, and waste water management industries.

CentriTech utilizes technology which enables us to remanufacture units and restore them to OEM specifications (or better) to tailor the equipment to meet your requirements.

CentriTech will:

  • Clean, dismantle & inspect
  • Complete our centrifuge repair bid/quote process
  • Restore all parts to OEM (original manufacturer's specifications) or better
  • Replace all bearings, seals, bolts, and unusable parts
  • Rebuild and hard surface conveyors or add tiles as necessary upon application
  • Rebuild gearboxes and drive assemblies
  • Dynamically balance the bowl, conveyor, and gearbox assemblies
  • Reassemble your centrifuge and test run it at service speed
  • Clean and repair frames and casing assemblies
  • Repair or modify electrical controls, as needed
  • Provide you with a twelve month written warranty on materials and workmanship
  • CentriTech is equipped to fabricate, machine and provide all of your centrifuge needs including auxiliary equipment.

In addition to offering new and reconditioned parts, CentriTech operates an
in-house machining, welding, and fabrication shop.

Special Modifications for Two- and Three-Phase Decanters: CentriTech also offers modification services to operators of two and three phase decanters to vastly increase the durability and reliability of their machines. These modifications are based on the erosion prevention technologies used successfully on the CentriTech Tri-Phase Centrifuge. The modifications greatly reduce the downtime and the future cost to repair the machines. The investment usually pays for itself within a few months.

Conscientious Service

From start to finish on any centrifuge rebuilding or remanufacturing project, we're mindful of the critical timing required to minimize any downtime for your business. That's why we work flexibly to adapt to your shut-down maintenance plans, and will stay with you until the job is finished.

Budget-conscious Centrifuge Rebuilding and Remanufacturing

In order to better serve our customers, CentriTech has developed a unique "two quote" system specifically designed to save time and money. After an initial field quote, the centrifuge is brought to the CentriTech repair center, and a final quote is generated; this second quote will stand as the final price to be charged. We've found that this process alleviates the extra charges customers sometimes face with other companies.

CentriTech offers free pick-up and delivery in the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast region.

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Serving the Gulf Coast and North America

CentriTech is conveniently and centrally located to service your centrifuge sales, repair and maintenance needs throughout the United States, as well as Mexico and Canada. We even offer
free pick up and deliver in the Gulf Coast region.

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