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Centrifuge Inspection & Optimization

Trusted Centrifuge Inspection and Expert Centrifuge Optimization

It is highly recommended that periodic centrifuge and centrifuge rotor inspection be made to extend the life of your centrifuge, as well as to keep it running at top performance. For example, the inside cavities and buckets of your centrifuge are prone to develop rough spots, pitting, and oxide deposits, as well as fall victim to other issues that affect the integrity of your centrifuge performance. The goals of a centrifuge inspection include:

  • Maximum safety (both for your samples and your employees)
  • A longer lifetime and peak performance for your centrifuge
  • Regulatory compliance for GLP, GMP, ISO 9001, other quality management systems

CentriTech will perform the most thorough inspection possible, detailing every part and aspect of your centrifuge to guarantee peak performance by meeting or exceeding the original manufacturer's specifications, in order to ensure a safe work environment and reduce the future rebuilding and operating costs of the centrifuge.

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