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Your trusted source for centrifuge repair and sales, nationwide.

About Us

CentriTech Inc. is your trusted source for centrifuge repair, centrifuge maintenance, and centrifuge sales for the gamut of industries using centrifuges, including oilfield, ethanol, biofuels, power, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical. Along with complete diagnostic and project implementation capabilities, it's easy to see why CentriTech is your trusted one-stop industrial centrifuge solution.

Centered on Solutions Means Being Centered on You

At CentriTech, we know that every industrial centrifuge need is different, and there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. That's why being centrifuge-centric means being solution-centric. So whether you are looking to purchase a brand new centrifuge, developing an ongoing centrifuge maintenance plan, or responding to a "need it yesterday" centrifuge repair, we'll always focus on your needs first. When you combine that with CentriTech's experience, insight, and understanding, it's a win-win for all your industrial centrifuge needs.

Centrally Located

CentriTech is strategically located to service your centrifuge sales, repair and maintenance needs throughout the United States, as well as Mexico and Canada. In fact, being located in the Houston area means we can be anywhere in the country in just a matter of hours. CentriTech even offers free pick-up and delivery in the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast region. So when you consider that a non-running centrifuge can cost a tremendous amount in lost time and revenue, it's understandable why we're perfectly positioned to respond to all your centrifuge needs.

Need Help Finding Something?

Don't know what you need? Can't find what you're looking for? You can count on CentriTech to diagnose your centrifuge problems, help you locate and procure a hard-to-find centrifuge or centrifuge parts, and minimize your downtime. Contact us.

Sell A Centrifuge

Have a centrifuge you'd like to sell? Simply tell us, and we'll provide you with a quote to buy your used centrifuge.

Sell My Centrifuge.

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