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Centrifuge Maintenance

A Trusted Partner for your Critical Centrifuge Maintenance

It is crucial to perform regular maintenance of your centrifuge, including regular cleaning, inspection and lubricating of the centrifuge rotor and accessories. In fact, the failure of a rotor will generally cause the total destruction of a centrifuge.

At CentriTech, our centrifuge inspection procedures are designed not only to ensure proper operation, but to also provide for optimum performance and consistent operation of your centrifuge. Not only will these procedures help to reduce operational noise, but they can prevent vibrations and eliminate potential imbalance errors from happening.

CentriTech's complete suite of centrifuge maintenance services include:

  • horizontal, vertical pushers
  • bowl repair
  • rebalancing on solid wall
  • automatic desludging
  • nozzle bowls
  • scroll hard surfacing
  • gearbox repair and testing
  • bowl, scroll and gearbox balancing
  • (complete) frame refurbishing
  • repair of damage/worn parts

From start to finish on any centrifuge maintenance project, we're mindful of the critical timing required to minimize any downtime for your business. That's why we work flexibly to adapt to your shut-down maintenance plans.

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